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About Us


LuciGold LLC is a family owned and operated company started in the heart of Buzzards Bay, MA.

Peter Luciani has been a contractor and problem-solver for 40+ years.  In high school, some of his friends’ parents called on him to find solutions for problems in their homes, which he did with an ease and ingenuity rivaling men twice his age.  Even his high school woodshop class teacher said he would ‘go places’.  Of course, his teacher also advised him to keep his mouth shut - and graduate!

As a general contractor in the 1980’s, Peter was hired by a woman named Mrs. Goldstein.  She was convinced that he was the greatest designer she had ever worked with and she loved his way of thinking through things.  They worked together for many years, eventually designing and building the mansion of her dreams.

Peter’s work ethic and inventiveness come, in part, from his father who was an iron worker.  One day in the early 2000’s, Peter was planning to use steel to create a solution when his father suggested aluminum because it is lighter weight and won’t rust.  From that conversation, as they say, an idea was born.  Peter is the designer of our entire line of products and continues to develop solutions for your family’s safety without compromising the appearance of your home.

Rita Luciani co-owns her own business as well as leading the LuciGold Office team.  She is the Receptionist, Landscaper, Human Resources Officer and all-around Right-Hand-Woman for Peter and the team.

On any given day you can find her answering the phones, greeting customers who come into the showroom, tending the gardens in front of the showroom, running errands and energizing everyone she comes in contact with.  And if you’re lucky, you might even find her helping Peter install your egress solution!

When they first met five years ago, they imagined how great it would be if they could consistently make one a sale a month – and they did!  Then they imagined what it would be like if the phone rang at least once a day – and it did!  Their imaginations are soaring and their LuciGold dreams continue to come true!

LuciGold products have always been made in Massachusetts and we are proud to continue that tradition.  We service the entire continental United States and are often on the road installing our products.

Stay tuned as we continue to evolve with unique and innovative products.

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