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Hidden Floor Doors & Hatches

LuciGold solved the problem of keeping water from rain and melting snow out of the basement with this three piece stairwell cover.

The Perfect Solution

This homeowner added a new addition to their home and the only location for a new entry door was over the existing bulkhead.  LuciGold came up with the perfect solution. Patent #US D991, 134 S

Is This What You Need?
Let Us Make it Happen!

4.18.2020 (3)_LuciGold Aluminum Egress S


LuciGold can hide your cellar door under a custom designed deck build-out that will match your existing structure.  

Now You See It
Now You Don't!

LuciGold Hidden Access Door_open.jpg

Extra Deep Front Entry

Hidden Access Door to the Cellar

Another One-Of-A-Kind Hatch System

Thanks to Mrs. Spark of Catskills NY for hiring LuciGold to design, fabricate and install this extra deep front entry deck hatch system for her beautiful home.  Her carpenter did an amazing job building this beautiful deck around the LuciGold deck hatch. Great teamwork!

LuciGold Hidden Access Door_closed 2.jpg
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